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Guided by the basic philosophy "JNANAM SARVATHRA SADHANAM" and with an aim of building Sullia as a world class learning center, Dr. KURUNJI VENKATRAMANA GOWDA Founder President, Academy of Liberal Education has converted tiny village into a modern learning center of the country. Powered by the visionary leadership of Dr. KURUNJI VENKATRAMANA GOWDA, Academy of Liberal Education today is a conglomerate with more than fifty educational Institutions. Born as, one of the millions became one in millions. He is BHAGEERATHA who brought JNANA GANGA to this small town and made Sullia a VIDYA KASHI. Sri KVG is a man of many dimensions. He is an Educationist, a social reformer, a philosopher, a great preacher and an able administrator. Above all a great philanthropist. All these have made him a Living Legend.
He is the source of Inspiration to all of us. His ideals and way of working are to be imbibed in everybody's life. He has a dream of making our country modern and strong by spreading intellectual spirituality. We at KVG college of engineering share his dream of making our BHARATH-MAHAAN.

As founder of various educational institutions, his contributions to the field of education has been immense. He is the founder of the Academy of Liberal Education, branching out to primary education, Technical, Ayurveda, Dental and Medical colleges. He firmly believes that education makes a man complete. Over 7,000 students from all over the country study in the KVG educational institutes. He has established over 40 educational institutions including places like New Delhi and Bangalore, besides his birth place Sullia. Moreover, besides providing education, through his educational institutions, he has provided employment to numerous people.

There are over 115 youth clubs for women in the taluk which receives financial support from him. He is a workaholic and works tirelessly for 18 hours a day. He is a visionary par excellence. He has been influenced by Gandhiji's pholosphy.

Kurunji, has worked tirelessly for the status Sullia enjoys at present. His efforts are immense in establishing a board school, sourt, treasury, electricity, telephine and health centers at Sullia. Thus, he can be reckoned as a Sculptor of Modern Sullia.

Kurunji is a recipient of numerous awards, both national and international. Florida University, USA has conferred an Honarary Doctorate, Rajiv Gandhi Ekta award, Glory of India award, Parisararatna award, Vikas Jyoti award, Indira Gandhi Sadhbhavana award, Karnataka Sahitya Academy award, Udupi Manukula Bhushana award, International Gold star Millennium award, Mother Excellence award, Americal Medal of Honour, Nepal Friendship Award, Rastriya Ratan award, and various other awards have been conferred on him.

Institutions Sponsored By AOLE
NMC, Sullia NMC-PUC, Sullia KVGCE, Sullia
KVGAMC, Sullia KVGDC, Sullia KVGMC, Sullia
KVG Law College, Sullia NSVK- Dental College, Bangalore NSVK - Polytechnic, Banglaore
ITI, Sullia KVG Polytechninc, Sullia KVG English Medium HS, Sullia
Contact Details    
Founder President,
Academy of Liberal Education,
Sullia - 574327.
Vice President  
M.B.B.S (Mys.) M.S. (Madras),
F.I.C.S., F.A.I.S., F.R.S.H. (London)
Vice President
Academy Of Liberal Education (R)
Sullia, D.K
General Secretary  
M.B.B.S., F.A.G.E.
General Secretary
Academy Of Liberal Education (R)
Sullia, D.K